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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The top 5 "coolest" blogsites of the students of BSBA 1-1MA:

The top 5 "coolest" blogsites of the students of BSBA 1-1MA:

1. Arnie Trumata

2. Ronald Zarain

3. Joana Rose Yadao

4. Joanna Almazan

5. (umm... pede ko bang isama sarili ko...XD)

till then..

Lesson I've learned in Computer 1 (meron nga ba???)

I've learned that computer is not just for playing games and surfing the internet but you can also make money out of it. By just having an internet connection, your pc (of course!), your craziest ideas you can imagine and, by posting a blog... You can bve a millionaire in no time. Well, that is a work of a professional blogger.

At any rate, we can pick up a virus from an infected file and we can prevent the spread of the virus by the use of antivirus (name it... Norton, AVG, PCcillin.)

And best of all, e-commerce can help you make your future of being a businessman-to-be.

That's all!!!

my reaction to Wikiboy's article

umm... i think that Wikiboy tells us about the revolutionary "wiki." I think that sounds fantastic because ... For example... Wikipedia..

If you think there are typographical errors or if you wanted to make some changes in the article posted there... You can freely change the article or edit it. Well... that's for the good of everybody who uses that and at the same time, you can also add some useful articles.

And one thing about it is that it also supports the SME (small and medium enterprise) in their business. I think that would be a great opportunity for to those businessman-to-be.

That's all folks!

Umm... College life... (how nostalgic...)

College life seems a bit exciting and at the same time, stressful because of so many reeasons.

One of them, that college life is so cool. I've met a lot of people in the campus. Some of them, are my classmates, others are just strangling around the campus. Umm... I think sometimes it's a bit stressful because I've been stuck in the middle of all of my obligations as a student and as a musician. Well, that's how life's gonna work out.

In college, I've learned something based on what happened in my life. That you cannot please everyone, easily. You can gain new friends easily and lose them in just a flick of a finger. (*ouch!*)

And best of all... I realized that love is soooo painful in college. Well, it's so hard to be busted by the someone you loved in school. (*sob*)

That's all... Until next time.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My first rocking moments with a professional band....

Oh... Before I forget... I'd like to introduce myself...

I'm Erikson Pasamba... 18 years old... Currently residing at Taytay, Rizal... Cursedly single(ouch!)

This is my story of amazement about being a musician...

It's so cool to be the a new member of a band that i've always wanted to watch because of it's emotional yet crazy lyrics and stagerring licks of the guitars... This band is Covermequick/!\ I still can't figure out why did promoted me from being their "PA" (personal assistant) to thier fourth man... Their guitarist. Well, I had to admit that i really love to play with them. But for me, this is a dream come true. My first with them happened on a bar somewhere in Quezon city. At first, I'm a bit worried and scared at the same time because of some aspects like, playing wrong chords, getting jerked out in front of the crowd and many other misconceptions and insecurities. But when it's our turn to play some songs (I think for about 5 song), I feel my legs are shaking. I told to myself, "this is not right. I've been to many concerts with my other band (i have another band, playing totally nerve-wracking songs.)" But i didn't mind it. I just set all my gadgets and instruments and started to play those songs.

I didn't ecountered any problems when we play the first four songs except on the last song... I forgot the chords... But i've tried to en route the chourds by doing an ad lib. All's well, it happened to matched with some chords.. But it was dreadful. after the show, Box (the lead vocalist) told me, "ayos, kumabit naman ah! kaso, may madami kang mali dun sa huling kanta." The verdict, I'm in!

Friday, August 24, 2007

umm.. TRY!!!

this is the first time to make a blog here at this site.

well.. my professor in computer.. engr. joan pinon.. discussed some lessons about blogs and what can it make something for you...

ask for me.. this is sooo cool!!!

till then..